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Diesel Powered Positive Displacement Pump @ Diesel America West


The Loadstar DPL48-3PD-75 positive displacement pump is a unique and welcome addition to the LOADSTAR pump line-up.  This SPATE pump by SELWOOD is coupled to the super tough and reliable Yanmar L48 V Series engine (also available with the HATZ 1B20 tier 4 engine).   This diesel pump combination provides the user with a positive displacement pump that has the ability to smoothly and efficiently pump oily water and chemicals.  The pump is packaged in a TIG welded aluminum frame, is available with all terrain tires for the difficult to maneuver surfaces and the folding handle allows for easy storage.  This Selwood Spate pump has been a favorite in the oil spill clean-up community for decades due to the ability to pump sludge and slurries in skimming operations.   Give us a call today to discuss your application.     

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